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NJ Hospital Care Compare

This Web resource allows healthcare consumers to compare New Jersey hospitals based on a number of statistics regarding the care they deliver to patients. It's a service provided by the New Jersey Hospital Association and its member hospitals. Making this information available to the public is a critical component of hospitals’ ongoing efforts to make healthcare safer and more efficient. Read more About this Site and visit the Glossary and Resources areas.

Talk to your doctor about this information to help you make your best hospital care decisions. This Web site does not provide medical advice, see Terms of Use.

Some important information for users to remember:

  • This site is just one source of information that can help you become a better informed consumer.
  • Hospital Web sites, word of mouth and advice from your physician are also important sources of information when making healthcare decisions.

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The data presented here was created from publicly available data that is collected by the New Jersey Discharge Data Collection System for 2006. For more information see Measure Methodology.

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